Friday, April 8

Just For A While

I'm really sorry about what have I did to you. I can't just blame you because of the troublesome that I've made to you. I know that it was my mistake after all. I can't do anything to you now because of you past experienced taught you well about how a relationship should run and I also can't promise you anything about the future because I'm just a normal person like you. I'm not special and of course I can't see the future. 

For the time being, only for a month, the busiest month for the whole semester, I doesn't mean want to dumb you but I thought you should have time to focus on your study, your priority and I didn't expect my decision will make you feel uncomfortable. I'm really sorry for all my decision without telling you the truth of what I've did. It's just for a while and hope everything will back to normal after only a month. 

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